Working For You

As 4th District Alderman, Robert Bauman has focused his efforts on a number of areas to improve Milwaukee.

To help Milwaukee residents, Alderman Bauman has made job creation and work force development a priority, both as a co-sponsor of the Moore Ordinance and in job training/job creation actions in the Menomonee Valley Industrial Park, Water Research Park/Reed Street Yards and in Century City; the Concordia re-zoning, the ME2 and Milwaukee Build programs, and in other city initiatives to encourage new development and job growth. Alderman Bauman’s efforts can be seen in the successful implementation of numerous TID projects downtown.

He was instrumental in the creation of the Milwaukee Traffic Calming Program and has worked on a variety of ordinances addressing nuisance properties and irresponsible property owners.  He’s also worked on efforts that promotes single family and duplex owner-occupied in-fill housing on neighborhoods throughout Milwaukee’s west side.

Alderman Bauman has taken an active role in Milwaukee’s transportation issues, including expansion of funding for the Intermodal Station renovations and efforts to keep Milwaukee’s transportation decisions efficient and effective.