Delivering Results for Milwaukee

Alderman Bauman has been a leader on the Common Council in drafting legislation to address a wide variety of Milwaukee issues. He has authored 92 ordinances and 317 resolutions that have been enacted by the Common Council since April 2004. A sample of this legislation is described below:

  1. Resolution establishing Milwaukee’s policy and criteria for selling water to suburban communities. File #080457
  2. Ordinance rewriting Milwaukee’s Historic Preservation Law.
  3. Ordinance rewriting Milwaukee Architectural Review Board law. File #041316
  4. Ordinance establishing Milwaukee’s policy and criteria for the disposition of city owned residential real estate. File #090162
  5. Ordinance deregulating Milwaukee’s taxi cab industry and enabling the operation of ride-share services such as Uber and Lyft. File #131800
  6. The “Clean Hands Ordinance” which requires applicants for zoning approvals to disclose whether they owe property taxes or have outstanding code violations on their properties. File #070231
  7. Ordinance creating the Frank P. Zeidler Public Service Award. File #060541
  8. Ordinance creating the Milwaukee Traffic Calming Program. File #060656
  9. Ordinance creating the Housing Infrastructure Preservation Fund. File #090459
  10. Ordinance creating the Strong Home Loan Program. File #140901
  11. Resolution creating the Special Joint Committee on the Redevelopment of Abandoned and Foreclosed Homes. File #080644
  12. Ordinance creating the Honorary Street Naming Program. File #050197
  13. Ordinance accelerating the In Rem foreclosure process for vacant and abandoned homes that have delinquent property taxes. File #150154
  14. Resolution creating the Bubler Bike Share Program. File #131096.
  15. Ordinance establishing design guidelines for parking lots and roadways to calm traffic and reduce storm water runoff. File #070576
  16. Resolution approving an Intergovernmental Cooperation Agreement between Milwaukee and Waukesha County creating the Milwaukee Material Recovery Facility. File #121495, 131796, 131795 & 131792.